DTOXTUNE® Dashboard

DTOXTUNE™ Dashboard

Every niche on the web is different. From our observations we are sure that Google uses many different variations of their internal algorithms for each country, language and niche. You can now adapt your Link Detox analysis to that wild real world complexity with DTOXTUNE®. You can now for example tweak Link Detox better for those weird spammy niche in Eastern Europe or adapt it to the always different niche segments in the high margin industries.

How to tune?

How to tune?

You can create DTOXTUNEs when you start a new report in the DTOXTUNE® Dashboard and you can easily apply new DTOXTUNEs to older reports with a reprocess.

Every DTOXTUNE® gets a DTOXTUNE® Code. Share them with your friends and colleagues to find the perfect setting for your niche.