What is Pitchbox?

If your site has been manually or algorithmically penalized, Google expects you to contact the sources of those bad links to remove them. That is the reason why there is the option to connect your account with Pitchbox. Pitchbox supports you in outreaching webmasters for link removal, link building, contacting journalists etc. Pitchbox sends out personalized mails to your opportunities. They find the mail contacts for you, you can change the frequency of mailing and you can review the mails before they get sent out.

Here are a couple of interesting use cases how Pitchbox & LRT will help you

  • Reach out to get risky links removed from Link Detox®
  • Reach out to sites that link to your competitors with Link Research Tools® Backlink Profiler (BLP)
  • Reach out to convert mentions into links
  • Reach out to reclaim deleted links
  • Reach out to have link anchor texts changed
  • Reach out to have destination URLs of links changed
  • Reach out to have your other sites linked, too
  • Reach out for broken link building
  • Reach out to have your name/brand spelling fixed or linked