Preliminary Checks

Check the Domain DTOXRISK®

As soon as your report is finished, you can do some specific preliminary checks. First check your average Domain DTOXRISK®. Now its time to do some further checks to make the Domain DTOXRISK® value even more accurate.

Check the Keyword Classification

It is necessary to classify at least 80 % of your keywords. This will improve your Domain DTOXRISK® value. So don't worry if you have a high Domain DTOXRISK® level. You will need to classify the keywords first. Often the DTOXRISK® goes down afterwards.

For this reason, please check how many of your keywords have been classified. If the % number is below 80 %, then you need to go to the keyword classification page.

Read more on this in the "Keyword classification" chapter.

Uploaded Disavowed Links?

Uploaded Disavowed Links?

If you uploaded your disavowed backlinks, do a quick check in the summary if these links are shown in the summary as "G". In the brackets you can see the number of backlinks that are in the report.

If there aren't any backlinks in this section shown as "G", you should check your uploaded file:

1. Does it have the correct format?

2. Does it have linking pages, and NOT linking domains?

You can find a description right here how to download the correct format from Google Search Console.  

These links will also be shown in the link detail table if you click on "Show me these links".