Start a new Link Detox report

Enter Domain (www. or non-www), Sub-Domain, Sub-Folder or Page

You always need to enter a domain you wish to analyze. You can either enter the topdomain (root-domain), like or subdomain, like, we will analyze them BOTH.

This way you get a full picture of your backlink profile, especially if you have links to www and non-www. This way you don’t miss links and cross-effects between the two domains. When starting a new Link detox report, we will automatically run the report on both www and non www version of your website.

When the report is finished, you will have the results of both domains in one report. Only if you want to check the subdomain, than you can uncheck this option, but this should only be done if you want to ignore the links to the topdomain.


Link Detox calculations are also available on a page and sub-folder level. If you want to analyze particular pages or sub-folders, activate the respective checkbox and run the report.

Eco Mode Audit

Link Detox Eco mode is a more economical, yet complete audit approach to the 100% backlink profile audit that we promoted and enforced in our product for half a year. And the best part about it - it comes at not extra cost and is available to all Link Detox users.

It will include all current links. This will help audit domains on a regular basis.

We offered this option as a result of customers' demand, to make link audits more affordable and Link Detox accessible to everyone. So, if you have one or many of those domains with a large amount of backlinks, now with the Eco Mode (archive links excluded), the cost will be much smaller depending on the domain you want to analyze.

How does it work?

To understand the cost better, you can estimate it yourself.
You can either use the available widget in our Plans and Prices, to see the estimated number of backlinks for a domain, with and without archived links included.

Or, whenever you try to start a Link Detox report in your existing account, you will get the estimation of links we find when you include or exclude the archived links from the analysis.
If the domain fits into the existing plan without archived links, you will not see a warning and will be able to start a report as usual.

It will include all current links. This will help audit domains on a regular basis.

To analyze all archived links as well, check the box. 

NOFOLLOW Links Evaluation mode

The impact on NOFOLLOW links on search engine rankings and penalties is discussed controversially. Google published that such links would be completely ignored. We believe that NOFOLLOW links can under certain circumstances still be harmful to search engine rankings and result in manual penalties, because Google generally tries to identify spamming intents. We regularly hear from clients that their penalty was only lifted after they investigated and removed large quantities of NOFOLLOW links. From this we conclude that Google in certain cases tries to identify intents of spamming even if NOFOLLOW links are used.

You can choose if you want to get NOFOLLOW links evaluated in your report, or if you want to have them included.

Theme of a Domain

Theme of a Domain

You have the possibility to select the theme associated with the websites niche market, making your reports more accurate. This feature better handles rules such as SUSP5 = (Domain’s Theme is listed as suspicious (Adult, Gambling, High Risk etc.)). So these rules will not be triggered for adult sites if you select an adult related theme and this makes your reports much more accurate. While the rule was good for mainstream markets, we realized those high risk niches need special handling and that’s why we created this theme selection feature.

We recommend that you always select the correct theme of your domain to improve the accuracy of your results.

DTOXTUNE® settings

DTOXTUNE™ settings

DTOXTUNE® allows you to identify and target specific Link Detox rules up front to tweak per your opinion and experience for the calculation of the DTOXRISK® score. This allows you to start the report generation process in a much more targeted and efficient manner, finding only that which you want, and nothing you don't. It works like a modifier/filter that will allow you to adjust which DTOX rules you would like to ignore or target, and/or even to what degree you might want to ignore or target them.

Google warning, manual spam action

Google warning, manual spam action

If you have a Google warning message, manual spam action or any example spam links from Google, then please provide us with this information right in this section. This information will help you and us to receive better and more accurate results.

The mail could look like this


We've reviewed the links to your site and we still believe that some of them are outside our quality guidelines.

Sample URLs:



Google usually gives 1-3 sample links, but providing them in your analysis helps us improve the results for you.


DTOX mode

DTOX mode

Here you can choose one mode you would like to run the Link Detox. Make sure you choose the right mode.

  • Link Profile Audit (Classic Mode)
    Checks existing backlinks. You can also upload additional and disavowed backlinks in this mode. The Link Detox will combine all backlinks from our data source and the backlinks provided from your files, verify and evaluate them for you.

  • Disavow File Audit
    Review the quality of your disavow file and find links you wish to undisavow. Upload an existing disavow file and run the report. You will now see the DTOXRISK® for your disavowed links. This way you can undisavow links that were disavowed by mistake in the past.

  • Link Opportunity Audit (What-if mode)
    Checks potential backlinks taking your existing backlinks into account. This way you can decide where you want to build new links. You can upload any file with potential backlinks and the Link Detox will simulate how your Domain DTOXRISK® will be if these potential links are created.

You can find more information in the chapter "Analysis Modes of Link Detox".

Upload your own backlinks

After connecting all your API keys in your account settings, you can also upload any additional link files before starting a new Link Detox. This way you can improve your results, because we will combine and verify them as well.

Please keep in mind that you don’t have to upload the same list we get from your external API Keys you connected in your account. But if you have additional backlink list (custom backlink file) you should upload them before starting a new report.

A good example for custom links to upload are: links from old link building campaigns or spamming tools.

Don’t worry, we will clean up the data and verify all links for you. Forget messy Excel sheets forever with Link Detox.

This is where you can upload your custom backlink list, when starting a new report in Link Detox:

  1. Click on “Choosen Files”
  2. Now choose your file for upload
Upload your disavowed backlinks

It is very important to upload your latest Disavow file to the Link Detox, because only this way you will receive an actual and correct Link Detox Risk value (Domain DTOXRISK®).

If you do not know how to download the actual Disavow file from Google Webmaster Tool, then please find an explanation in our helpdesk.

The Link Detox supports the files from the Google Disavow format and the Custom backlinks format in .CSV.

Upload your ignored backlinks

In the section where you can upload your disavowed links, you also have the option to upload your ignored links. You can select the option "Ignored" from the drop box.

Disavowed backlinks will not be included in your report and are automatically included in the export of your disavow file.

Ignored backlinks will not be included in your report and will not be included in the export of your Disavow file.

Activate “Delete Dropped Links”

You now have the option to keep the dropped links in your report, just like you have in other modules of Link Research Tools.

In most cases you should simply leave the option checked to YES.

Sometimes Google does a bad job at Re-crawling sub-sub-sub-subpages of some over-spammed forum that “someone” placed a link to you in 1995 or so. Anyways, that link might be gone, because that forum is gone, but Google might still believe it’s there. Our recommendation is to go over all those “LinkNotFound” links you get and disavow them on a domain level if you think they could harm you and after you have reviewed them. We heard about people getting great results with this tactic in the past months, so we enabled it for you as well! In this case you should deactivate the Dropped Links filter.

Advanced options

Advanced options

You have the possibility to repeat this report on a regular basis. Just set the settings desired. As soon as the report is finished you will be informed via email. This can be very useful if you want to review your results and observe your Link Detox Risk level (Domain DTOXRISK®) on a regular basis.

Please note that this option costs credits every time a report is re-started and sent to you.

You can also give the report a title and choose to automatically keep the Tags & Rating for future reports that are repeated and re-run.