Introduction of Link Detox and Link Detox Genesis

What is the Link Detox?

What is the Link Detox?

We removed the old field “Link Audit Priority” from Link Detox as it was kind of redundant to the Link Detox Risk (DTOXRISK®) view.  You can quickly estimate the probability of your website being penalized by Google just by looking at the DTOXRISK metric.

The Link Detox tool (DTOX) analyzes all your backlinks to your website and classifies them automatically into links with low, medium and high DTOXRISK. The user interface is easy to handle and supports you in discovering all malicious links to your site with 1 single click. On a basis of general spam link rules and the Link Detox Genesis®, which is a new data-driven, self-learning and organic algorithm with millions of extra data points, it is possible to classify your backlinks into links with low, medium and high DTOXRISK. Therefore you are able to evaluate them afterwards. With one sight you are also able to see your Domain DTOXRISK® metric which supports you in estimating your own link profile.

The Link Detox helps you to clean up your backlink profile, in case you have received a Google penalty or you have been penalized with one of the Google updates. With the built-in contact function, you can easily contact the webmasters to remove potentially harmful links. In addition, the Link Detox provides an integrated Google Disavow function, which helps you to download potentially bad links into a Google Disavow File.

You can upload any additional backlink source files that you have or/and you can upload any list of potential backlinks in order to evaluate whether these links would harm your domain or not.

This and much more is now explained in this guide below.