Go Beyond Option and Credit Spread

Go Beyond Option

One day, you might have the chance of working for a client with a huge domain. In this case, it's possible to go Beyond the backlink profile size limits of your current plan to audit the link profiles of those really big client your scored! We call this the go beyond option.

With the go beyond option, you can analyze 500% of your link limits using additional DTOX credits. This means:

  • Superhero Small Business: 1M Backlinks 
  • Superhero Startup: 3M Backlinks 
  • Superhero Plus: 6M Backlinks 
  • Superhero Brand: 30M Backlinks

You will need 1 DTOX credit for starting the report +1 credit for every 60.000 additional links. Now go analyze those big domains!

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Credit Spread

Are you having seasonal fluctuations in your business? Do you need more credits in winter than in summer or vice versa? We get it. All of us have the booms of our business in different times of the year. 

Usually, your credit allowance resets every month, but if you go with an annual or bi-annual plan you get all the credits in LRT at once.

We at LinkResearchTools (LRT) call this credit spread. We have this feature so you can do a lot more work in the strong months without the need to upgrade. You just use credits from the weaker months. You could as well call it an "all you can eat for credits".