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Anchor Text Breakdown

You can view the anchor text by count or by the metric of your choice. Click on a specific anchor text and you will see the filtered results in the link detail table below. Go after the links with the best anchor text!

Filter by Anchor Text

Check out who links to you with brand or money keywords. Do you want those sites to link to you? Did you maybe just discover a negative SEO attack? Filtering links by anchor text can and will help you big time!

Theme of Domain

Create topical relevance for your site by going after all those link prospects who fit directly into your niche. Don't waste your time with irrelevant and off-topic linkbuilding!

Site Type

Filter your link detail table as you wish. Search for links in newspapers, blogs and forums, but exclude link directories and the like you don't want to have as a backlink.

Link Juice Thief

Check for outgoing links from a number of domains with just one report. Discover commonalities and powerful link sources and targets with LJT!

Find out where your competitors link to, get links there, so your competitors will link indirectly to you. This way, you will find pages with strong authority in your niche. And there's more:

Compare the outgoing links of up to 50 Domains. Benefit from a little-known link building tactic. Put yourself in the hotspot of the link graph. 

Get on top of the Link Chain

Find out what the link sources of your link sources are, or see where your competitors link to and try to get a link there. Move on top of the link chain!

Export Backlink Data as CSV or Excel

What kind of toolkit would we offer, if you could not export your filtered backlinks-list as a CSV or XLSX? Just filter for all the link prospects you want to go after or all the bad links you want to disavow and export the filtered data as your favorite file type. You can also export all chart data in a PDF file.

Context Actions

Most of our tools are interconnected with each other. You can start reports easily from the results table of your previous report to match your link building workflow. When you are in the QDC, CLV or CKA, for instance, you can select the domains, keywords or metrics of your choice and start any further analysis from there on.

Pitchbox Integration

Thanks to our Pitchbox integration, you can select all links you want to build or have removed and contact all the website owners with a bulk e-mail and the right follow-ups if you don't get a reply. 

Deep Link Ratio

The Deep Link Ratio is a metric you should always keep an eye on when checking your backlink profile. Do you want a domain, where all links go to the start page?

Find Links from your Competitors

Getting the same links as your competitors means putting yourself in the right neighborhood. But why check only one competitor? Just take a list of them and see what great links they have in common - with the CBLT.

Link Velocity

Want to be the first to know about a rapid growth in your backlink profile? Check with Link Velocity! It describes the speed of link growth to a page or domain. Link Velocity can be measured in new links per month or new linking root domains per month. 

If you want to find out about the normal ratio, then just compare it to your competition - with Competitive Link Velocity!


Is your website at risk? Check with Link Detox! Avoid tripping any Google Penguin related penalty or manual action by keeping your DTOXRISK low. 

Link Data Aggregation

One link data source can only show you a fragment of your backlink profile. Only by combining 25 different link data sources, we can show you as many links as possible and give you a 360-degree view of your backlink profile. 

Credit Spread

With an annual or bi-annual plan, you get all your credits with your signup. So when you have months with more business than others, you might as well use half or all of your credits in one month only! We call this the credit spread.