Basic Social Votes

Social votes are an extension to classic votes – in other words, links. This package includes the number of Facebook votes (likes, shares, and comments) and Google + 1 for a page. Google obviously includes social metrics in the rankings, but it is not disclosed how relevant the factor really is.

FB!Votes The number of times a URL has been shared, liked or commented on Facebook and websites with Facebook buttons. (Therefore a combination of the metrics FB!Likes, FB!Shares and FB!Comments.) The difference between liking and sharing a page is that when you like a page, a hidden Facebook Page is created that allows the webmaster to send status updates to their "followers" news feeds, whereas liking means that only a link to a page is created on a user's Facebook Profile.
G+1 The number of times a URL has been shared or +1 on Google+ and websites with Google-buttons.

Since the value of social networks such as Facebook increases continuously, it is always a great asset to look at the social media metrics.