Title Rank Metric

Using the "TitleRank™-Home" and "Title-Home" metrics, you can check the position of the homepage of the linking URL, in the Google search results based on the extracted page title.

Using the additional metric, LinkResearchTools provides you with two additional parameters to further evaluate the quality of your links and to support your "clean-up actions". This metric already proved itself in several Penguin case studies as a clear indication of the respective “Losers” or “Winners”. 

If the page title is not ranked at all, it was probably "punished".

You can get rid of harmful and "punished" links with the help of the Link Detox Tool, which automatically categorizes your links and informs you about all backlinks with a certain DTOXRISK score.

TitleRank-home Determines the position of the linking page title of the homepage in the Google search results.
Title-home Emits the linking page title of the home page.