Impactana Content Marketing Metrics

You cannot find genuinely resonant content by only looking at the Buzz set of metrics. It’s Impact that brings out the most reliable content material. People interact, share and show interest in content with Impact. These are metrics that every marketer must consider looking at when measuring success.

If we think of Buzz and Impact as a two-axis system, it becomes clear that those with a high Buzz and a high Impact are most desirable. But even an average Buzz can be profitable with high Impact.

It is Impactana’s aggregate of social media signals, divided into shares and likes.
These metrics are taken from platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Slideshare and LinkedIn.
Think of Buzz as a way of gauging a piece of content’s short-term, immediate social success.
It is a set of metrics meant to help you measure long-term user engagement for every piece of content.

The IMPACT set of metrics is made of:

  • Comments – real people engaging with the content - a lot more meaningful than a Like.
  • Clicks – click-thru's from various channels measure traffic – that’s what matters. 
  • Views – views matter a lot on YouTube. We estimate views for every content URL – after all, we do market to generate traffic, not some simple like that is generated in a fraction of a second. Also on video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, a video can reach millions of people while it only has a handful of tweets.
  • Downloads – e.g. on Slideshare this is an additional metric of engagement. Someone who downloads a slide deck after viewing it is more engaged. So the content made more impact on him. 
  • Links – in the old days content marketing was called “link baiting”. Whenever some content attracts links, then the marketer did something very right. In fact, many masterpieces of content earned links without a high social buzz. When we measure links, we take the full link graph into account, not just some more popular ones (like other social media analytics tools do). Because: links matter.