What are Quality Checks?

You probably know the struggle of having a large list of link prospects and asking yourself: Which of these will boost my rankings and which are toxic for my backlink profile? This is where Quality Checks come into play. 

Quality Checking Workflow

Quality Checks are an essential step in the link building workflow that comes right after the prospecting for new links and before the actual outreach for building them. Checking potential link sources for their quality is imperative. When doing that, you should check the pages for their amount of link juice as well as for their potential risk for your backlink profile.

LinkResearchTools (LRT) offers two tools for that purpose:

Analyze a Bulk of Links at Once

If you want to check your link prospects for their impact on your rankings, then you can import thousands of them into the Bulk URL Analyzer (Juice Tool) and identify the strongest link potentials by dozens of SEO metrics. This way, you can quickly spot the domains and pages with the best link juice.

In case you are managing many domains, you can also import all your domains there and see how they are performing compared to each other.

Check Potential Link Risk

You should also check your link prospects for their estimated risk for your backlink profile before building them. With the Link Opportunities Review Tool (LORT), you can check the DTOXRISK and many other metrics for potential links. LORT uses your last Link Detox Report to estimate the overall risk the link would contribute to your backlink profile. This way, you can find out if you want a link or not.


With Quality Checks, you can make sure the links you build to your site are actually boosting your rankings without risking a Google Penguin penalty or manual action. Please do keep in mind that this only counts for the links you build yourself, and you still have to monitor the links that are built to your site naturally and evaluate their risk as well.