What is Backlink Monitoring?

The web is constantly changing and this is why you need to keep up a Link Monitoring routine for your website and your business. It’s just like setting up Google Alerts for your brand or browsing the newspapers for news about your business.

Link Monitoring Workflow

Link Monitoring is the foundation for keeping your backlink profile steady and keeping track of all your links. It helps you prevent negative SEO attacks, analyzing your competitor’s backlinks and checking your existing links.

We at LinkResearchTools (LRT) offer two tools for you to do that:

Monitor Incoming Links

Use Link Alerts (LA) to get notified about new links to any domain. Keep an eye on your backlink profile, but also follow your competitor’s link building campaigns. Link Alerts (LA) doesn’t work like our other tools. Instead of an instant report, you will receive weekly e-mail notifications when new links are built to your site. This way, you can keep your backlink profile clean and be the first to know about a negative SEO attack on your domain.

Keep Track of Existing Links

With the Link Check Tool (LCT), you can see if the links you built are still alive. You can also use it to check your ads or if an ad got removed while you are still paying for it. When you schedule a link check to re-run weekly or monthly, you will receive reports by e-mail and see if they got removed.


The field of Link Monitoring is often neglected among many SEOs. They focus the most on building links while forgetting that the web is not static, but rather constantly moving. This is why new links can come naturally and links you build today could be gone tomorrow. The Link Monitoring tools are the solution for always knowing the current status of your backlink profile.