LinkResearchTools API

API Application

The LRT API is based on the popular Bulk URL Analyzer (Juice Tool) and allows you to check up to 10,000 URLs per query with all the metrics that are available with LRT. Start your reports with your own software and extract all data from your specially designed user interface (depending on your package).

1. The starting point for your first query is the generated API Key in your account administration. Please note that an API query is equal to a report on the graphic surface and, therefore, requires credits as well. Depending on your package, you are limited to a specific amount of monthly queries.

2. Additionally, you can register for a special API newsletter that informs you automatically about changes, new metrics, and the like.

LinkResearchTools’ API is intended only for internal user applications and prohibits the resale of data that is made available by LinkResearchTools without a reseller license (for example via publicly available applications). If you are interested in a reseller license, please contact us.

API Application for Technicians

We usually recommend regularly checking the metrics delivered via the API, since these metrics are occasionally modified/ updated/ extended. The information can also be retrieved from the API newsletter, as described above.

The parameter “&action=list_value_names” provides an array of all available metrics.

1. The parameter “&action=start_report” creates a new report and is the beginning of every API query.

2. Using “&values[]“ an array of desired metrics is created. In this example, the metrics “BLdom”, as in backlinks to the domain, and “DomainPop”, as in the number of linking domains, are queried.

3. Using the parameter “&urls”, you can include in an array up to 10,000 URLs in your report. In this example, the predefined metrics are queried for the URL entry “”.

Thus, the report was created successfully and can now be retrieved via the generated report ID.

The parameter “&action=get_data” delivers in combination with the predefined report ID the desired data.

According to this, the queried domain “” has 28,221 backlinks to the domain and 4,203 linking domains.

You can find further examples and scripts in the most common query languages as well as a detailed description of all functions, parameters, and the like at