Upload Disavowed Links or Ignored Links

Without interrupting your workflow, you can foreclose already ignored files from your reports with the Disavow Upload Function. The integration of this additional upload function allows you to ignore the links that you have already analyzed and/ or ignored.

1. Using the menu item “Settings” you get to the summary, where you can see your already uploaded files. Alternatively, you can upload your disavow/ ignore files by also using the input screen of the Link Detox Tool.

2. Manage your projects by accessing all your reports from this section

3. The summary lists all files that you have already uploaded and for which domain these disavow/ ignore files should be excluded.

4. Download all your disavowed links and domains

5. Check the entire history log of your disavowed links for a certain domain

6. Upload a new, additional file at any time. For the time being, the maximum file size allowed is 50 MB (for files in GZIP or ZIP format that corresponds to about 5 million links).