Upload your own Backlinks or Copy and Paste from Excel

Our tools not only provide you with the opportunity to analyze your URLs that find our sources but also to upload your own link lists. Depending on the tool this opportunity can differ.

Upload your own Backlinks

You can find the function “Upload Your Own Backlinks” for example in the DTOX. Accepted data formats are CSV and even GZ or ZIP for larger data.

Copy and Paste from Excel

In other tools, like the Juice, you can upload your own URLs for analyzing purposes by copying and pasting from your list (e.g. an Excel list).

Then, a new window opens, into which you can immediately paste the URL. The Excel chart may have several columns.

In the next step, you are asked to select the particular column from the Excel chart that is to be imported to the tool. Click “Import” as soon as you have decided.

Now you can choose which of the columns you additionally want to be displayed in the results of your report. Just tick the wanted check box and then click on “End”.

These additional columns are highlighted in lavender color in the link detail table in order to differentiate them from the other columns.