Credit Add-Ons

These products are listed as "add-ons", as they can only be purchased if an active subscription exists.


The Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) analyzes the market situation in your field. You get a qualitative evaluation based on your input and the selected SEO metrics. CLA is available for Expert, Superhero and Agency plans. If you need more credits, you can book them with this Add-On +1000 or +2000 Credits.

The Link Alerts is an extension that helps you full-automatically with the discovery of new backlinks to your or your competition’s domains. Starter, Expert, Superhero and Enterprise support this tool, and if you need more credits, you can book them with Add-On +20 credits.

Link Detox is a special account for those who want to clean their website from harmful links. Makes further analyses possible. However, a deeper analysis needs more credits. You can book an extra +10 Credits, +25 credits, +100 credits, +500 Credits and +100 Monthly Credits.

Link Detox Boost is a special tool for those who want to inform Google that backlinks need to be crawled faster. You can book extra +10 Credits and 100 credits.


The Link Opportunities Review Tool helps you quickly review and evaluate new found link opportunities. If you need extra LORT credits for your account, you can always book extra +100 credits, +500 credits, +500 monthly extra credits.

How many Credits are still left?

In your dashboard, you can see for every tool how many credits you still have. Link Detox will be used as an example here. It looks the same for all our tools, but it is only possible for the CLA, DTOX, BOOST, LORT and LA to add Credit Add-Ons. 

If you want to upgrade to another plan or add a Credit Add-On, you can do so by clicking on "Account" to chose another plan or add a Credit Add-On.

Before you run out of Credits, a warning will be displayed under the corresponding Tool. Simply click on "Add more Credits" to stock up your Credits again. 

As soon as you run out of Credits, a red warning appears and the tool icon turns gray. It is not possible to use the tool anymore. To run a report you simply click on "Add more Credits" and purchase new credits to be able to work again with the tool.