Link Detox Boost® (BOOST)

Speed up the Disavow Process

Speed up your recovery from a Google Penalty after a backlink clean-up.

Link Detox Boost® helps you recover from a Google Penalty a lot faster than in the past. Combined with the Link Detox Genesis® algorithm this is a powerful tool to restore rankings after a Google Penalty. Link Detox Boost® uses proven and stable technology to make your disavows work faster.

Benefits of BOOST

  • Make Google really take notice of a disavow file
    Use Link Detox Boost to make Google take notice of your disavow file faster.
  • Speed up recovery after a manual Penalty 
    If you want to recover from a manual penalty faster, and you don’t want to wait for Google to crawl your disavowed pages or domains, then Link Detox Boost is the best option.
  • Speed up recovery after an algorithmic Penalty
    If you suffered from an algorithmic Penalty, such as Penguin, you can use Link Detox Boost to make sure you’re prepared for the next update.

BOOST Features

Link Detox Boost® forces the Google bot to come around and crawl the potentially harmful link you have already disavowed, and values the Disavow command knowing what links not to count towards your site anymore.

Starting a BOOST Report

There are two ways how you can start a Boost Report:

Option 1: Directly inside the Link Detox Tool 

 You can start a Link Detox Boost on all of the links that you have already disavowed from directly inside your Link Detox reports. This function will be marked green as soon as you have already added links to your disavow file.

  • Press the “Run Link Detox Boost®” Button to start a Link Detox Boost report
  • Read the disclaimer carefully and agree to it. You will be redirected to the Link Detox Boost page.

Option 2: Start a Report from the Dashboard

Start a Boost Report from the "Start Report" Dashboard.

1. Enter your URL

2. Here you have the option to copy and paste directly the disavowed pages or domains into the field

You can either boost pages or domains.

If you want to boost a domain, please use the domain syntax that you already know from DTOX (

3. If you already have a disavowed file in your LinkResearchTools account (under the project settings), you can check mark this box in order to boost the stored file(s).

4. Here you can upload your own disavowed file

5. Please read the disclaimer carefully. You will need to agree in order to start the report.

6. Press the “Run Link Detox Boost” button and wait until your report has loaded.

Option 3: Start a Link Detox BOOST after downloading the disavow file 

After you downloaded the disavow file from inside your Link Detox report you can start a Link Detox Boost report. 

Advanced Options

In the Advanced Options, you can use the following settings for the Link Detox Boost tool:

  • Report Title
  • Delay Report Start

Delay Report Start

We implemented this feature so you won't have to set calendar entries any longer for starting the Link Detox Boost. 

When you have uploaded your Disavow File to Google Search Console, you can go ahead directly and start BOOST with a 48-hours-delay. This way, your new Disavow File will be boosted at the right moment for you.

Interpretation of the Results

Report Information

1. The Report Information shows you the basic information about your report.

2. Here you can find the link detail table.

3. With this button, you can start the reprocessing of the last Google crawl date.

Reprocess Last Crawl Date

After the report has finished, the Last Google Crawl Date column will say "Not checked yet (please recalculate)". To update the "Last Google Crawl Date" please click on the Reprocess button above the details table. After you reprocess your Link Detox Boost report the last Google Crawl Date will be generated for the URLs that have already been crawled by Google. You will need to continue to reprocess your report to see updated information on the last crawl date.

Once the Reprocess Last Crawl Date has finished the results will include a pie chart and table showing the Crawled vs. Boosted links. In the example shown below, all the links were successfully crawled.


Link Detail Table

In the link details table, you can see the date when each page has been crawled by Google the last time, as well as the Boost status. Links “Not crawled yet” this means that the URL has been boosted and now we are waiting for the page to be re-crawled by Google.

You will not be charged any credits for reprocessing the Last Google Crawl Date.