Contact Finder (CF)

Search Contacts

Find contact details for any given domain, including e-mail, webmaster’s social network profiles and contact forms.

By using the Contact Finder (CF), you can find all persons associated with a domain or URL. You will receive links to profiles on social networks, related websites, phone numbers and much more. The tool searches automatically for all available contact information. The CF tool does not only search on the entered sites, but also in a number of social networks, and reviews the information in the respective domain registry.

Benefits of the CF

  • Finding Contacts
    If have found possible links with the SERP tool, you need to contact the webmasters in the next step. The CF allows you to find contact information for any website that you wish to contact. In addition to e-mails and phone numbers, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook will be included.
  • Help to buy a domain
    If want to buy a domain, but cannot find any contact possibilities on the website, the CF tool will help.
  • File for link removal
    Contact webmasters to remove your link on particular sites or pages.
  • Guest posting
    If you want to contact a webmaster because you would like to provide a guest post, but you cannot find the e-mail address, the CF will help you find contact details.
  • Name search
    Use the CF if you want to contact the domain owner, but you do not know his name.
  • Find new possibilities for contacting
    The webmaster is not replying to your e-mails and now you want to try other contact options.

CF Features

The tool finds listed contact information of each domain. Then, you can select whether you would prefer writing an e-mail or contact the webmaster via Facebook, etc. You can even find phone numbers.

Starting a CF Report

Start a CF Report from the Start Report dashboard.

1. Enter the Domain for which you want to find contact information. You have the possibility to add individual links via + URL and add link lists via + URL lists.

2. Afterward, you can select a report title.

3. Press the “Run Report” button and wait until the report has loaded. The loading may take a while.

Interpretation of the Results

1. The Report Information shows you the basic information about your report.

2. The result is a link detail table including all found contact possibilities. You will receive a list of websites a certain person is involved in so that you have additional, alternative contact options. Choose one contact possibility by clicking on the respective icon. Of course, you can filter only for websites with e-mail addresses and so on.

Extractable Information

You can find the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Relevancy (1-6, 6 is the best ranking)
  3. Role (for example Domain Owner, Domain Zone Admin, Domain Tech Admin, etc.)
  4. Website
  5. E-Mail
  6. Phone numbers
  7. Fax numbers
  8. Facebook accounts
  9. Twitter accounts
  10. Google+ accounts
  11. LinkedIn accounts
  12. Xing accounts
  13. Contact websites / e-mail