Tool Settings

The tools offer nearly the same settings/ options as the report settings under “Advanced Options”.

Report Title

You can determine the report name from the report title:

Click on the checkbox to activate the site-wide links filter. The site-wide filter skips the domain links once a certain domain number has been found, i.e. it will only display the desired number of found links per domain. Site-wide links are usually links placed in the header, navigations or footer, and are ignored by most search engines.

The purpose of the site-wide filter is to prevent a distortion of the analysis due to an excessive number of links from the same domain. Google does not count each link separately from thousands of sub-page links, and neither should you. In DTOX this option is activated by default and cannot be deactivated. 

Deleted links can be interesting when you want to reactivate them. Deleted links will be displayed in the report with the link status “[LinkNotFound]”. This allows you to restore links that were accidentally removed. You have to make sure that the checkbox “Dropped Links Handling” is disabled. You can use this function in the "Backlink Profiler" and in "Link Detox".

Repeat Report

The “Repeat this Report” function allows you to select reports you wish to start on a weekly or monthly basis. Additionally, these current reports can be sent to you via e-mail (see chapter E-Mail Notification).

Find Competitors

The “Find Competing Pages” function detects your top competitors for the desired search engine, the selected destination and the relevant keyword, by simply entering the keywords and the desired search engine in the respective selection boxes.

1. Click on the “Find Competing Page” function to open a new window. Indicate the desired language and the number of competitors you want the tool to find.

With the “Find Competing Pages” function you can extract up to 100 domains or URLs per keyword from Google search results. This allows you to quickly identify your competitors.

In addition, sites such as: can be excluded from the search results to measure themselves with REAL competitors. In the case of some keywords, it makes sense to exclude these pages in the competitive analysis.

 For each project you can manually create your own list of competitors which then automatically appears in all competitive analysis.