Account Settings

Here you can edit information such as your address or your password. By selecting the menu item “Account” you will be able to access a summary page containing all relevant links. Please note that all tax-related data, such as VAT registration number, can only be changed by the LRT support team. Please contact us in that matter directly:

The menu item “Account” takes you to the account management interface.

Would you like to extend your subscription or add additional packages? Then click on one of the green buttons and select the desired product.

The table in your account management section provides you with information on your payment history and allows you to download your invoice. In addition, you will receive an e-mail after each payment.

The link “Edit Profile” will take you to an input mask which allows you to change your billing address, passwords and the like.

If you are long-time customer benefiting of a “grandfathered” price, you will see your loyalty price displayed in your account, in comparison to the currently upgraded price.

You can always choose and customize the language of your account and your reports by simply clicking on the flag icon at the top of your account dashboard.

The application has a completely new UI now which is smoother and easier to work with.

We have updated the classical LRT Tool icons and the new design corresponds to our new toolkit concept.

However, if you wish to work with the classical view of the application, please click on “Show old icons” option, at the top of the dashboard.