Free Trial Guide: Quick Domain Compare (QDC)

The Quick Domain Compare Tool (QDC) gives a rapid summary of up to 5 domains that you have entered. In just a few seconds you get a significant result with which helps you deciding which domains need further analysis.

You can even use the Dashboard Tools from QDC to start new reports. It is also outstandingly suited for rough domain purchase decisions.

What you can do:

  • Compare your domain with your competitors
  • Compare important SEO metrics side-by-side
  • Save time – Make quick decisions
  • Run deeper analysis with one click

And there's more…

  • Answer client inquiries lighting fast
  • Impress your peers
  • Understand where to dive deeper
  • Kick off dozens of other reports with one click

QDC shows you a quick summary of the quality of up to 5 domains with a predefined metric set. The predefined values are:

  • LRT Power*Trust™
  • LRT Power™
  • LRT Trust™
  • Impactana Buzz
  • Impactana Impact
  • Link Velocity
  • Alexa traffic rank
  • Domain theme
  • Hosting country
  • Number of ranking keywords
  • Domain popularity
  • IP popularity
  • ClassC popularity
  • backlinks to Domain
  • .edu backlinks
  • .gov backlinks
  • Facebook Shares, Likes, Comments and Votes
  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Comments
  • Google +1

The overall winner, i.e. the domain with the most "Wins", the one with the highest number of best domain values in all categories, will be highlighted in green.

The QDC tool is the perfect starting point to quickly start several different reports for an analysis of your competitors. In the bar at the bottom, you see icons for different tools and the "All domains" button. By clicking on the icon, you can start a report for the particular domain. Bulk URL Analyzer (Juice Tool), CLA, CLV, CDTOX, and LORT are feasible, but not all the tools are activated in the free trial.

Moreover, on the side of each domain in the bottom of bar there is a drop-down next to each domain where you can choose more context actions. By simply clicking on the side of the link, you can visit the homepage of the domain, start a DTOX, QBL, BLP, SSPT, and LJR report. Only DTOX and QBL are included in your free trial.

You want to know more and see some great examples how to work with the tool on a specific website?

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