Free Trial Guide: Quick Backlinks Tool (QBL)

The Quick Backlinks Tool gives you a fast overview of the backlink profile of a page or domain and helps you make fast decisions, thus saving you a lot of time in your SEO work.

What you can do:

  • Check backlinks to domains or individual pages
  • Analyze thousands of links in seconds
  • Filter by the most important SEO metrics
  • Get a quick overview of any backlink profile

And there's more…

  • Export backlink data quick
  • Understand keywords and anchor texts distribution
  • Analyze link ratios like Follow vs. NoFollow, Link types, Countries and more
  • Save time – decide quickly

The QBL provides you with a quick overview of all top backlinks for each domain. You can check your links with all related basic SEO metrics and charts within a few seconds. With this tool, you can quickly and easily decide, whether an in-depth analysis is necessary.

QBL  shows you instantly a first impression of the domain. At first sight, you get results for our famous SEO Metrics like LRT Power*Trust.

You can find out a lot about your backlinks. For example, the ratio of Follow to NoFollow Links by simply clicking on the according tab. You can also explore what kind of links you have if they are text, image, etc.

The Anchor Text Cloud shows you the weight of certain anchor text phrases. You can sort them by LRT Power*Trust, Power, Trust or Count. If you click on one of the phrases, the detail link table below will show you all information about the anchor text in great detail.

By the way, you can do this with every metric shown in the diagram. The link detail table will automatically be sorted by that.

Further down in the report you find the link detail table.

Moreover, on the side of each found link in the detail table, a drop-down appears next to the link for more context actions. By simply clicking on the side of the link, quick details such as LRT Power*Trust, LVT, Number of Backlinks, DomPop will be displayed on the Context Menu for Page, Domain or Root Domain of the relevant link.

You have the option to use our multilevel filter directly in the link detail table.

Example: You solely want the “.com” and “.org” links to display in the chart? Enter “.com” in the search box.

Then, click on the filter funnel next to the search box and enter “.org” in the search box.

If you click on “OR”, you can select either “AND“ or “OR“.

After the entry, you get a list including all links, which end with either “.com” or “.org”. You can combine the multilevel filter as you please. Do you only want to include links that begins with, ends with or equals a certain anchor text?

After entering the filter (here: begins with “memory foam”) you receive another list:

Depending on the selected metric you can continue to filter or reject your results as you please. Moreover, you have the option to filter by link type or simply by link status:

To get a great hands-on example for that tool, just read our Case Study about the Halifax Bank.  It shows you in great detail on a specific topic, how you can work with the Quick Backlinks Tool (QBL).