What is Backlink Analysis?

Backlink Analysis is the corner stone of link building and SEO. It stands in the beginning, the middle, AND in the end of the link building process.

Building links without knowing your backlink profile is like running over a minefield with a blindfold. You need to find out which links are valuable for your domain to build only the kind of links you really need.

When you have built links successfully, then you should do a backlink analysis again and check how your Power, Trust, DTOXRISK, Keyword Ratio etc. have changed. Because what you can’t measure – you can’t improve!

Backlink Analysis Workflow

You will need the Backlink Analysis tools when you want to know where your domain is currently standing or when you have a new client and want to understand his domain’s backlink profile.

Alongside domain analysis, you can also do a Backlink Analysis for a single page or sub-folder.

In general, we distinguish between Quick Analysis and Detail Analysis:

Quick Analysis

With the Quick Analysis, you can analyze backlink profiles in seconds. Get a quick overview of a domain’s strongest links, anchor text distribution, link ratios, etc. Save time by making quick decisions with the Quick Backlinks Tool (QBL).

The Quick Backlinks Tool (QBL) uses cached data rather than live data, like most other SEO tools. This makes the tool much quicker, but the data you receive might be a couple of days old. Use it when you have only a couple of minutes to get an impression on a domain you don’t know.

Detail Analysis with Live Data

For a Detail Analysis of your backlink profile, we created the Backlink Profiler (BLP). It was made for giving you the most complete backlink profile data available. You can combine link data from 24 sources in a BLP report. We then re-crawl every link for further accuracy. The data you get could not be more “live”.

It helps you detect deleted links and redirects, understand link growth, and analyze up to 97 metrics for each links.

After you built new links, you will see how successful your efforts were for you or your client’s domain by performing another Backlink Analysis and see how your metrics improved.


The Backlink Analysis tools are very powerful in any imaginable use case. Almost every SEO tool offers Backlink Analysis as a service. We offer a fresh re-crawling of your links and clean data in addition. Every SEO knows how important a detailed backlink analysis is, so why settle for less?