Keyword Classification

In Link Detox (DTOX) and other tools, you will need to classify your keywords for accurate results. 

Classified keywords will be saved and used for future queries. Please note that you should constantly categorize the keywords and keywords of several domains / URLs can be used. A Brand Keyword for an EMD could be a Money Keyword for a different site.

In order to get a result as significant as possible, you must categorize at least 80% of the keywords. You can do so via Manual Keyword Classification or Automatic Keyword Classification (recommended).

You can categorize the keywords into:

  • Money Keywords 
    These are the keywords that people want to rank for. It usually is a keyword that is popular and often searched for.

  • Brand Keywords 
    These keywords contain something that can be associated with you or your company. That can be a certain product, service or the company name / domain name itself. Links are always Brand Keywords. We do that automatically for you.

  • Compound Keywords 
    Compound keywords are keywords that are partly “Brand”, partly “Money” keyword.

  • Other Keywords 
    All keywords that don’t fit in the above categories are Other Keywords and without any association to you or your company.

You can display the already classified keywords and change the categorization of the keywords as you wish. Keywords can be classified and then changes can be updated in a batch.

Automatic Keyword Classification

You can enter the Automatic Keyword Classification when

  1. you start a new Link Detox (DTOX) report
  2. you open a report with less than 80% keywords classified
  3. you open the settings of your account

The settings will be applied to the existing links in the reports for this domain, as well as for future links in future reports. 

Manual Keyword Classification

From your Link Detox (DTOX) report, you also have the option to classify keywords manually. This requires more time, but might me necessary for the last few percent you did not think of in the automatic classification. 

Recalculate DTOXRISK

It’s especially important that after you do the keyword classification, you click on the “Recalculate DTOXRISK” button that you see inside your report instead of the DTOXRISK score.

This is the only way that we can allocate a correct DTOXRISK value to each of your links.

You should never start doing the link audit work if you don’t classify at least 80% of your keywords and then Recalculate the DTOXRISK.

After we recalculate the DTOXRISK, you will see the DTOXRISK value again. Only this DTOXRISK value is reliable. Anything else is you saw before was wrong.

This does not cost you any additional credits.